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Whether you’re seeking large tree removal services, tree trimming, or transplanting, our aborist service can assist you to make the right decision for your tree maintenance on your property. Pro Tree Service Sacramento is a leading tree doctor in the region and we have a passion for the environment that propels us to use the most superior options for saving and removing trees from your property. We are well known in the industry as full service tree company you can trust to help you save your trees and promote their growth.

Well maintained trees enhance our quality of life by providing oxygen and shade and are a great form or air conditioning that can save on energy bills and when you need to promote their growth and protect your property from their damage, Pro Tree Service is should be your arborist of choice. We are the leading tree doctor service in Sacramento. Speak to any of our clients and you will see hear about our dedication to protecting the environment and our ability to provide safe and creative solutions to saving trees in your landscaping that you believe were a loss cause. Our expertise can increase your curb appeal and provide an attractive and lush trees you can look at for hours


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    Pro Tree Service Sacramento is a tree doctor and arborist service with years of experience providing a host of services that include; large tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal, root barrier, tree branch trimming, root ball removal, pest management, tree thinning, tree branch removal, and tree transplanting and more. If you don’t see a service on our pages, simply ask because we likely have the expertise and can accommodate you with that tree maintenance service. We have a passionate about tree health and we are known as leading arborist in the Sacramento area.

    Tree Removal
    Tree Trimming
    Tree Stump Removal

    Tree Removal

    Pro Tree Service Sacramento is a leading arborist that takes the removal of your trees seriously to protect your home from risk of damage. Our tree maintenance specialist evaluates the size, age, and variety of tree you have to understand the precise work to remove it from your landscape. Cutting down trees is not a simple procedure and every safety precaution must be made to ensure the tree doesn’t damage or hurt people or property.

    Tree Trimming

    Tree trimming is often used to make shapes and designs for trees and shrubs and to protect the health of them. As an arborist, tree doctor and tree maintenance service we can provide you will tree trimming for design or for the growth of your trees. So whether you’re seeking a stunning effect with shapes like circles and spaceships or hoping your trees will growth mature and health for years to come, you can give us a call to assist.

    Tree Stump Removal

    If you still have a tree stump on your property we can easily remove it using one of two processes. The first is stump grinding in which the stump is shaved or ground down into mulch which allows you to speed up the deterioration process of the tree stump. The second is root ball removal, which is a more invasive procedure that completely removes the room from your property, but will also leave a giant hole where the roots were once imbedded. But whatever choice you make, we can provide excellent service to remove your tree stump.

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    Tree Topping
    Tree Falling
    Tree Pruning

    Tree Topping

    Tree topping is a controversial subject and some arborists do not see the need for radically pruning your trees as it could harm them, especially if they are old and cause them never to heal properly again. Some believe the practice is archaic, but that a tree doctor with no other options left and under extreme measures to save a tree should only do it. Pro Tree Service Sacramento is an experience tree maintenance service with years of experience providing various solutions for trees and this is merely one tool we use in a trove of options.

    Tree Falling

    It’s pretty stressful when a tree falls into your house or on your vehicle or your tree falls onto your neighbor’s property with the same outcome. Then you’ll also need to remove it with the help of a tree service that is reliable and understands the tenuous situation in which you find yourself. Our tree doctor service can remove large trees from your property, taking care to avoid further damages than you may have already experiences.

    Tree Pruning

    Pruning and tree trimming are often thought to be the same thing, but they have very different procedures and the reasons for doing them are different. Every tree service has different methods as well! Even when you may have a great deal of knowledge about pruning trees, it’s still advisable to see professional help because you could be putting your property and people nearby in jeopardy when you attempt to prune trees, especially when they are very old and tall. It’s far more practical to let a tree doctor provide care to your trees for pruning.

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    Contact Us Today

    Excellent customer care and solutions for tree service is how we are known in the Sacramento region. As an arborist, we provide superior care to trees and our staff is well trained to provide insightful and knowledgeable feedback to clients about all their tree maintenance needs. Pro Tree Service Sacramento is a leading tree doctor that has extensive experience with pest management and tree removal that protects trees. We also are ardent preservers of the environment so all of our solutions always make every effort to save trees whether it’s via tree replanting or tree trimming. Trees provide shade and excellent curb appeal at the same time and when you call us via email, contact us online or by phone call we can provide the solutions you need for your trees.

    “We were looking for an arborist with a well known reputation because our property has some very old trees planted by my great grandparents and they were able to provide some great solutions for saving them” – Gillian P.

    “We have some fruit trees we needed replanted for a construction project and Pro Tree was able to save them. They survived the move and they are blossoming so we couldn’t be happier” – Pop H.

    “Our beautiful tree was struck by lightening and we were simply devastated. It required emergency removal and Pro Tree Service Sacramento came right over and also gave us some pretty helpful tips for how we could use some of the tree for other construction we were planning” – Jenny B.