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Tree Removal Sacramento

Removing trees from your property is not as simple as taking an axe to the tree trunk and hoping for the best. There is a very targeted area of it that must be cut for it to fall safely and if you’re living on property that is nearby other individual’s homes you would be taking a serious risk to cut large trees without deep experience. Pro Tree Service Sacramento tree maintenance services has years of experience and skill for cutting down trees in the Sacramento region. It doesn’t matter what variety or size of the tree, we can assist you in tree removal.  Whether you want to remove trees for landscape design or to protect your personal property, we can evaluate the condition for tree removal on your property and provide you with a safe service you can trust to do the job, while ensuring that everyone is safe from injury and property damage.

Avoid Damages To Your Property

There are times when your tree just can’t be brought back to life and it requires removal to keep it from becoming a hazard to you, people on your property and to avoid personal property damage. Older trees sometimes have experience a great deal of trauma and they are no longer capable of standing. You may have a lot of happy memories of planting trees when they were seedlings but not every tree can survive for generations and it needs professional inspection to determine how it should be removed without it causing severe property damage.

Protect Your House Foundation

Tree roots travel deep and far and if your home is close and the soil nearby is a good source for water a tree’s roots can easily extend and leave your home vulnerable to cracking. Although the tree roots may not be able to crack your home’s foundation, it will find weak areas in the soil of your home’s foundation and growth in those areas can cause your foundation to weaken. Hiring an expert tree doctor who understands tree growth is critical to preserving your home’s foundation. It may require removal of the tree to prevent damage before it’s too late.

Clearing Paths

If you have trees that are blocking pathways or growing so large that they are no longer practical in your landscaping, we can remove them in a safe and affordable method. Perhaps you have a home improvement project such as building an extension to your home or hardscape installation you’ve wanted to develop but there are trees that need removal before you begin. Our professional tree removal service has specialized tools that can clear the footprint you need and remove trees from the root to ensure they do not continue growing once they are cut down.

Why Hire Pro Tree Service Sacramento

Our tree maintenance specialists have years of experience with tree removal and when you call us, we provide free estimates and inspection of your trees. Afterward, we provide you with a detailed plan of action for how the tree will be removed with every safety precaution in place to ensure there is no risk of property damage and personal injury.


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