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Tree Topping Sacramento

Tree topping is a controversial topic among tree service providers and arborist and some do not believe it is necessary to radically prune trees from the top because it can potentially harm older trees. There are certain circumstances in which topping trees can be a beneficial or acceptable practice in your landscaping regime. Pro Tree Service Sacramento has been in the tree service and arborist business for years and we have expertise in tree topping that protects the health of your trees.

Experienced Evaluation

Because tree topping is considered a pruning that is often dangerous for the health of trees it is highly recommended that you hire a professional tree service that can provide sound reasons for the procedure. Pro Tree Service Sacramento has highly skilled tree doctors who have been working for years in the Sacramento region. We have vast knowledge of the variety of trees that are indigenous to the area as well as the treatment procedures necessary for them to remain healthy. There are a select few issues that can be solved by tree topping  when all other solutions are not appropriate to save you tree. Issues like leaning trees comes under this methods which can help save the tree and protect your property. Our priorities when using this methods of cutting trees is always the health of the tree and its ability to survive tree topping and we ask ourselves is the tree in danger of harming people and property.

Storm Damage

For many tree doctors, storm damage is one of the few reasons they would employ tree topping. We would evaluate the conditions of your tree to determine if the length and height can withstand extreme weather conditions such as high winds and determine if it is a hazard to people or your property. Risk of liability is a strong determiner for clients to decide to prune their trees this way. There may be other measures that are more practical and again, it is critical that property owners use an arborist with a multitude of measures for solving landscaping issues. As a company, we have a wealth of solutions in our toolkit for solving tall tree problems.

Clear Space

Your tree may require topping if the size of it hinders the growth of other trees around it or if it’s overreaching into power lines. These issues can be a grave danger and cause you to lost two trees at once if not handled properly. If your tree is hinder a power line, this is also cause for concern and topping or trimming may be necessary. Consulting with a tree expert is advisable and will protect both the tree and people and property in its surrounding area. These are difficult decisions that should not be made without the assistance of professionals with deep experience in tree topping.

Why Hire Pro Tree Service Sacramento

Pro Tree Service Sacramento is a leading tree doctor and arborist in the region. We provide knowledgeable tree care to property owners and have a passion for protecting trees and the environment. Whether you have a large landscaped area or a small garden with trees, we can provide you will value tree saving procedures that also protect your property and the attractiveness of the tree.


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