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Tree Trimming Sacramento

Many people use the terms trimming and pruning interchangeably, but there’s actually a difference between the two techniques. While pruning is the cutting of trees and shrubs, tree trimming is intended for hedges and shrubs and is often used for design. So the next time you design shrubs shaped like unicorns or elephants or any other shape or animal and you’re also keen to protect the health of that shapely shrub, call on the services of Pro Tree Service Sacramento. Our technicians create can a wonderland of landscaping that will beguile and wow your guests and neighbors.

Timing Your Trimming

If you’re seeking healthy trees, you require a landscaper that has experience in both pruning and trimming. Health trees coming from correctly timing each procedure. Each tree and shrub has its blossoming season and if your landscaper doesn’t understand your shrub and tree cycle, they can damage the tree and over the long term stunt the growth of your trees. Pro Tree Service Sacramento is the leading landscaper in the area and our specialists have vast knowledge of the trees and shrubs that are indigenous the Sacramento. We care about the health of your trees and we aim to keep your landscape protected and stunning environment that you can enjoy for years to come.

Specialized Equipment

As a long time landscaping contractor in the Sacramento, we have a multitude of specialized equipment that is appropriate for each landscaping task. Trimming your trees and shrubs requires equipment like shears, electric chain saws, and loppers. These are tools that most effectively take care of landscaping and that a professional contractor should own. Do-it-yourself trimming and using incorrect tools can harm the health of your trees so it’s far safer to utilize the skills of a well-known and respected landscaper. Our technicians have extensive formal training and have worked on a variety of trees in properties large and small. You will benefit from their expertise and feedback that will result in stunning effects on our garden and landscaping

Sunlight and Moisture

Sunlight and moisture are two critical ingedients for the health of your trees and shrubs and if they are not getting enough of either or too much, then it could very well effect their ability to thrive in your landscape, which will result in other issues landscaping issues. It is possible for your trees and shrubs to be cut too much and a landscaper with years of expertise should know when your shrubs and trees are too dense or are receiving too much moisture and sunlight or not enough. You’ve likely invested a great deal of time and energy into your landscape and that’s why professional assistance is often necessary for a wider perspective and ability to solve landscaping problems.

Why Hire Pro Tree Service Sacramento

You may have a green thumb, but time and energy may be at odds with maintaining your landscaping and there are a host of tools that landscapers use that are more appropriate for the tasks of tree trimming. Pro Tree Service Sacramento has a wealth of knowledge and skills at the fingertips from training and experience that will benefit your landscaping and help you protect your trees from over trimming. When you call upon our technicians, we readily provide the service and care for your landscaping you need.


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